I looked for the campus in Barnsley where the post code is S70 2AN.  Google maps just goes to S70 but it is easy to find the building as it’s next to the Town Hall which is a big white building and shows up very well.  (Just discovered if you leave the place out of the post code it goes directly there) Found it hard to do the panning etc on my laptop much easier with a ‘proper’ mouse.   It looks like the satellite view is before the University took over the building.   The view of the town is also before work started to build the new interchange so it must be 2005 or before.

Huddersfield – Madrid is 1269 miles according to Gogle maps and takes 20 hours and 13 minutes.


I feel the task to do with the Guide to Huddersfield is a bit Huddersfield-centric – some of us don’t live or regularly work there.  But I’ve added something about one of the places I see most of in Huddersfield these days.

I eventually decided I’d write about this ‘disambiguation’ page on Wikipedia after going through lots of others which were often sports people or events or strange places in the US.  The disambiguation pages are to distinguish between people or topics which have the same name.  This page is about different people with the name Robert Alexander including one who was a founder member of the Halifax Literary and Philosophical Society.

I looked at the Current Events link and in partiular at the information about the Irish pork recall.  This gave lots of information about what had happened and also explanations and links about dioxins and PCBs.

Spent quite a while looking at Technorati and the Google Blog Search.  Made notes on it all – then lost them!  So I’ve had another go. 

There seem to be a lot of people writing endless amounts of stuff about football!  The blog directory is very American oriented.  I did find some interesting things from the blog search.  The little graphs showing number of blog posts over time was very dramatic when I looked for posts about Mumbai, reflecting the posts written in the last few days after the attacks there.

I was interested in the ‘authority’ ratings and after looking at the FAQs found this was decided by the number of separate blogs which link to it.

I think tagging can be useful as it will reflect the words and phrases that people use in everyday speech.  Not sure how it will cope with things like Barnsley as a place and Barnsley as a surname, but then traditional indexing methods don’t always do that either.

Well it turns out Bloglines is something else I’ve registered for before and forgotten about, but it remembered me.  The 25things weekly tasks has made me persevere with it this time and get further with feeds etc. One feed I tried to add from the local paper confused me at first as it was one with more than one feed but I finally realised I needed to check the box to add one of them. 

I tried searching with Bloglines, Topix.net and Syndic8.  The Bloglines search would have been more useful for what I was looking for if it could have been restricted to UK only – I couldn’t find that option.  I liked the ‘preview feed’ links. Didn’t like the design of the Topix.net site but did manage to find some relevant sites.  Syndic8 was slow when I tried it but the search worked well and the layout of the results was clear.

Couldn’t get some of the Flickr applications and things to work.  Some of these http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/ I could do e.g. Photo Wall showing photos being uploaded now, and the one to put captions on photos.  I think some of the problems are because of the version of Flash on this computer.


Slightly cheated here as I discovered some of Paul’s photos were already on Flickr.  These are mainly photos of Slaithwaite. We must have done this in 2004 as I can see from one of the photos that’s on there.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/syorks/2655343318/ This is a photo of Monk Bretton Priory in Barnsley.  It’s not far from the centre of town but is next to a housing estate and the entrance looks a bit neglected.  It’s actually very interesting and a lot more could be made of it.  The signposts to it are hard to find and it’s hidden away down a little side road.

I’ve managed to get the first four things almost done.  Been doing this during the last hour of my evening duty and have just realised that the noises I can hear are not the CSOs moving furniture upstairs but because it’s 5th November!  It’s getting very cold here now which is what happens when you have a glass roof and the heating goes off too early.

I had a Yahoo email already but the Google one will be useful as well if I can remember my login.  My Yahoo account is BT Yahoo -hope that’s OK?  We’ve had the email address a long time, over 10 years I think.  It gets a lot of spam now, though the BT spam filter is quite good.