Well it turns out Bloglines is something else I’ve registered for before and forgotten about, but it remembered me.  The 25things weekly tasks has made me persevere with it this time and get further with feeds etc. One feed I tried to add from the local paper confused me at first as it was one with more than one feed but I finally realised I needed to check the box to add one of them. 

I tried searching with Bloglines, Topix.net and Syndic8.  The Bloglines search would have been more useful for what I was looking for if it could have been restricted to UK only – I couldn’t find that option.  I liked the ‘preview feed’ links. Didn’t like the design of the Topix.net site but did manage to find some relevant sites.  Syndic8 was slow when I tried it but the search worked well and the layout of the results was clear.